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The Contemporary Healthcare System †

Question: Talk about the Contemporary Healthcare System. Answer: The contemporary human services framework is seeing an advancement that depends on the vision of maintaining wellbeing advancement and essential consideration along with network based home consideration. Despite the fact that clinics are the mainstay of the sound social insurance framework, the essential assistance isn't adequate to determine the issues of rising wellbeing needs. The Strengths-Based Nursing Care (SBC) is the transformative methodology that means to create, assemble and underwrite the quality of a patient for advancing wellbeing (Lowe and Byers 2017). The current paper is a reaction to the accompanying proclamation The qualities based nursing care approach can supplement the issue based (clinical model) way to deal with medicinal services right now obvious in Australian human services framework. As featured by Swartz (2017) qualities based nursing care can be an incredible methodology that would reform the methods of conveyance care to human services purchasers. It is recognized that qualities of social insurance administration maintain certain qualities that have been wrecked in the previous scarcely any years because of the ascent of what is called as a technocratic time. A shortfall model is regularly found to win that doesn't underscore on the center issues looked by human services shoppers. In the event that administrations turn the emphasis on the qualities that people have, care would engage, shared, wellbeing advancing and individual focused. Gottlieb (2014) in such manner expressed that qualities based nursing care is basic to be applied alongside the clinical model as a far reaching care can be given that tends to the various needs of the patients. The utility is that it goes about as a vehicle for driving consideration toward a path that remembers assets and resou rces for beating quiet issues. Difficulties can be defeated in a viable way and inside a shorter time period. Gottlieb and Gottlieb (2017) opined that clinical model of care would be increasingly unmistakable in its viability in the event that it settles upon the qualities based nursing care model. The model of qualities based nursing care involves an obtrusive discerning of the individual that has the fundamental standard of understanding human uniqueness. Such a headway would be progressively about revealing, finding, acknowledging and understanding the relational, intrapersonal, organic, and social qualities present with the goal that individual and group needs are met sufficiently. The progression to be assumed is to position the patient and the family at the focal point of care. Engaging the patient would infer that self-administration would prepare for fast patient recuperation. The individual would be urged to partake and be responsible for his own social insurance and mending. Ultimately, it would be tied in with reestablishing the key focal points of the nurseperson relationship tha t advances wellbeing. What's more, there may be a circuitous improvement in the particular nursing practice. From the above conversation, the surmising that can be drawn is that qualities based nursing care approach has the capability of encouraging mending of people when actualized in conjunct with the clinical model. Australian social insurance framework is at present confronting difficulties in tending to the expanding the requirements of the maturing populace and the amalgamation of the previously mentioned two modes would be profoundly advantageous in such manner. Present day social insurance in Australia would be established in basic based intuition because of this coordinated effort. References Gottlieb, L.N. what's more, Gottlieb, B., 2017. Qualities Based Nursing: A Process for Implementing a Philosophy Into Practice.Journal of Family Nursing, p.1074840717717731. Gottlieb, L.N., 2014. CE: Strengths-Based Nursing.AJN The American Journal of Nursing,114(8), pp.24-32. Lowe, G. what's more, Byers, L., 2017. Enhancing Strengths Based Nursing Practice. Swartz, M.K., 2017. A Strength-Based Approach to Care.Journal of Pediatric Health Care,31(1), p.1.

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Understanding and interpreting financial statements Dissertation

Comprehension and deciphering budget reports - Dissertation Example Comprehension and deciphering budget summaries The data contained in the budget reports can be utilized by monetary experts to perform proportion examination. The motivation behind this paper is to break down the money related execution of Morrisons Inc. Organization Profile: Morrisons was established in 1899 by William Morrison. The principal grocery store chain was opened in 1961. Today the organization has become the fourth biggest store retailer in the United Kingdom . The first sale of stock of the organization happened in 1967. The organization serves more than 10 million clients every week over its system of 382 stores. Morrisons helps the United Kingdom’s economy by furnishing the network with 124,000 employments. One of the parts of the Morrisons activity that makes this organization diverse is that the firm claims its gracefully chain coordinations. The organization has its own pressing offices, heating capacities, dispersion focuses, and armada of trucks to convey new merchandise to its stores. Proportion Select ion The utilization of proportion investigation can enable an individual to assess the money related execution of an organization. To perform proportion examination one must recover the budget summaries of the organization. The two fiscal summaries that are for the most part utilized when performing proportion investigation are the pay proclamation and the monetary record. There are various classes of proportions that an examiner can use. The five classes of proportions are gainfulness, dissolvability, effectiveness, liquidity, budgetary equipping, and venture. To assess Morrisons this paper utilizes an assortment of money related proportions from the various classes referenced. A productivity proportion that will be utilized in the paper is net edge. Net edge is determined isolating overall gain by deals (Besley and Brigham, 2000). It is desirable over have a high net edge in light of the fact that higher net edges suggest that the organization is progressively beneficial. Another productivity proportion of significance is the gross benefit. The gross benefit is determined with the accompanying recipe. (Deals †CGS)/Sales (Weygandt and Kieso and Kimmel, 2002). High net revenues are best. Two extra measurements that will be utilized to assess Morrisons is return on resources and profit for value. Profit for resources is determined partitioning net gain by all out resources, while return on value is determined separating total compensation by absolute value (Dictionary, 2011). An effectiveness proportion that will be utilized to assess Morrisons is deals income per worker. Getting high deals income per worker is ideal since it infers that every representative of the organization is helping the firm produce more cash. Another proficiency proportion that will be utilized in the investigation of Morrisons is deals income to capital utilized. The proportion is determined partitioning incomes by capital. A liquidity proportion that was chosen for the Morrisons p roportion examination was the present proportion. The present proportion decides the capacities of the organization to take care of its momentary obligation (Investopedia, 2011). The recipe to ascertain current proportion is present resources separated by current obligation. Two outfitting proportions that will be utilized in the investigation of Morrisons are the obligation proportion and the obligation to value proportion. The obligation proportion is determined by isolating all out resources by all out liabilities. The obligation proportion gauges the capacity of the organization to take care of its drawn out obligation (Garrison and Noreen, 2003). The obligation to value proportion is determined isolating all out resources by all out value. The speculation proportions picked to play out the proportion investigation on

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What Are Compensatory Behaviors in Eating Disorders

What Are Compensatory Behaviors in Eating Disorders Eating Disorders Symptoms Print What Are Compensatory Behaviors in People with Eating Disorders? Compensatory behaviors are meant to relieve the guilt from eating By Susan Cowden, MS facebook linkedin Susan Cowden is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders. Learn about our editorial policy Susan Cowden, MS Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on August 05, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on June 23, 2019 More in Eating Disorders Symptoms Treatment Diagnosis Awareness and Prevention Compensatory behaviors are simply things people with eating disorders do in an attempt to make up for having eaten and consumed calories. They are an attempt to erase shame, anxiety, guilt or other bad feelings about the food eaten and the act of eating it. Its important to note that eating is not something that should make one feel guilty; after all, we need food to survive and all people should be able to enjoy delicious food without guilt. However, diet culture and weight stigma reinforce the notion that people should have willpower and avoid foods that are more indulgent. These behaviors are considered symptoms of bulimia nervosa, ?anorexia nervosa, and purging disorder, although they may also be seen in people with ‘disordered’ eating behaviors or other eating disorders.   Compensatory behaviors may occur when someone eats more than they had planned on eating or are comfortable with eating, after a binge-eating episode, after eating specific foods, or after a regular meal. As the name indicates, compensatory behaviors are usually an attempt to compensate for the number of calories or amount of food eaten or to relieve the negative emotions triggered by eating. They are often driven by a fear of weight gain. Examples of Compensatory Behaviors The most well-known compensatory behavior is self-induced vomiting. However, other examples of compensatory behaviors in eating disorders include the misuse of laxatives, misuse of diuretics (pills intended to eliminate excess water), misuse of colonics and enemas, overuse of and compulsive exercise. It can also include engaging in  cleanses and drinking special teas with laxatives. Fasting or restricting food intake for a period of time after eating may also be considered a compensatory behavior. In addition, researchers have found that some people with eating disorders chew their food and then spit it out as a compensatory behavior. One study found that nearly 25% of people with eating disorders engaged in this behavior. People who do this tend to have more severe eating disorders, that study showed. Chew and Spit Behavior in Eating Disorders Using Multiple Compensatory Behaviors Unfortunately, many people with eating disorders continue to increase the amount or number of compensatory behaviors they engage in so that they can continue to achieve the same level of stress and anxiety reduction as when they first started with these behaviors. In fact, people with eating disorders who use more than one compensatory behaviorâ€"for example, self-induced vomiting plus laxative useâ€"are likely to have more severe eating disorders, one study showed. In that study, which involved 398 children and adolescents, nearly 38% of the subjects used more than one compensatory behavior. Girls were more likely than boys to use more than one compensatory behavior, and those diagnosed with bulimia nervosa were more likely than those diagnosed with anorexia nervosa to use multiple compensatory behaviors, the study found. Those who did use more than one compensatory behavior had, on average, lower self-esteem and lower overall functioning than people with eating disorders who used one or no compensatory behaviors. Younger children with eating disorders are less likely to use compensatory behaviors. Treatment for Compensatory Behaviors The compensatory behaviors often serve to maintain a cycle of disordered eating. Most of the compensatory behaviors carry a risk for potential medical problems.  Treatment of the eating disorder should focus on stopping the compensatory behaviors.  Cognitive behavioral therapy  is one of the most successful treatments for addressing the compensatory behaviors of an eating disorder. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Patients are taught about the dangers of the particular compensatory behaviors they are using. For example, self-induced vomiting can affect ones voice, damage the esophagus, damage the teeth, and lead to a heart attack. Laxative abuse can cause damage to the colon. Excessive exercise can lead to overuse injuries. In cognitive behavioral therapy, patients are taught alternative ways of managing anxiety and guilt. They also learn to tolerate negative emotions and feelings of fullness after eating. The goal is for patients to develop more appropriate coping strategies such as reaching out to others for support, journaling, or meditation. Sometimes stopping these compensatory behaviors can be very challenging, especially for people who have been using them for many years. In such cases, they have become habits and may feel automatic. Professional help can help patients overcome these behaviors. In some cases, a higher level of care such as residential treatment may be necessary to interrupt frequent or entrenched compensatory behaviors.   Get Help From the 9 Best Online Therapy Programs A Word from Verywell If you have been engaging in compensatory behaviors, shame and guilt may be keeping you from seeking help. However, it is important to reach out and get support. With the right help, you can stop these behaviors and recover. How Can I Stop Bingeing and Purging?

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Economics Questionnaire - 989 Words

1. A legal maximum on the price at which a good can be sold is called a? price ceiling. 2. Which of the following is likely to have the most price elastic demand? Breakfast cereal, corn flakes 3. A reduction in a country s barriers to trade? benefits some citizens of the importing country but does not benefit the domestic producers in the importing country. 4. The amount of a good that buyers are willing and able to purchase is quantity demanded. 5. Suppose a market in which demand is more elastic than supply. The incidence of a tax will? fall more heavily on sellers than buyers. 6. Suppose there is a frost that destroys much of the strawberry crop and the price of blueberries, a substitute for strawberries, increases. What would we†¦show more content†¦26. If price elasticity of demand is less than one? increasing the price of the product will increase total revenue. 27. Sue can produce 4 dozen cookies or 2 dozen cupcakes in one hour. David can produce 6 dozen cookies or 4 dozen cupcakes in one hour. A producer that requires fewer resources to produce a good is said to have? a comparative advantage, a straight line production possibilities frontier 28. A tax levied on buyers has the same effect on the price the buyer pays as an equal magnitude tax levied on sellers. TRUE 29. A price floor set below the market equilibrium price? is a non-binding price floor. 30. One producer can have the comparative advantage in both products, but cannot have the absolute advantage in both products? FALSE 31. When the minimum wage is set above the equilibrium wage it is a binding price floor that results in a surplus of labor 32. A decrease in quantity supplied is shown as a movement from? point B to point A 33. Imports are goods? produced abroad and sold domestically 34. Goods with a positive cross price elasticity are? substitutes. 35. An increase in supply is shown as a movement from? point A to point B, point B to point A 36. A market with only one seller is called a monopoly market. TRUE 37. If the government were to impose a tax on cigarettes, the tax incidence will likely fall moreShow MoreRelatedUkay-Ukay3603 Words   |  15 PagesIII: Methodology Research Locale 8 Research Design 8 Research Instrument 8 Research Respondents 9 Data Gathering Procedure 9 CHAPTER IV: Research Results 10 CHAPTER V: Summary 14 Conclusion 15 Recommendation 16 Bibliography 17 Appendix Survey Questionnaire 18 Letter to the Respondents 20 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The researchers would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following that helped us make this research possible: First, to our Almighty Father who gave us wisdom, motivationRead MoreSelf Help Group Of Rural Assam912 Words   |  4 Pagesempowerment is a universal issue. Women empowerment refers to the creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society. It refers to increasing and improving the social, economic, political and legal strength of the women, to ensure equal right to women and to make them confident enough to claim their rights. The overall development of the nation remains as a paradox until and unless the women got empowered. The under privilegedRead MoreThe Choice Of Data Collection Methods Used1811 Words   |  8 Pagesan area of scare prior research and intended to uncover how learning practices evolve and change over the course of a firm’s growth. This was an interesting subject to explore as research suggests human resource development can bring significant economic benefits to a fir m. {{99 Tam,Steven 2016;}} The final research article is a comparative study exploring the cross-cultural behaviour differences amongst Arab and Chinese consumers. More specifically the researcher aims to test Hofstede cultural dimensionRead MoreResearch Is A Vital Tool For Education849 Words   |  4 Pagesinterviews, questionnaires, and surveys. Although interviews are not always economic and possible to conduct on broad numbers of students, they are probably my favorite type of data gathering technique because they are personal and therefore much more likely to be accurate. The process of interviewing involves an interviewer sitting down with an interviewee to ask questions. The questions and responses can be more complicated than those of other techniques such as tests or questionnaires. This is dueRead MoreCHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.1 INTRODUCTION Research is an organized and systematic way of1700 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough interviews or questionnaires. After respondents answer the questions, researchers analysed the responses given. In order for the survey to be both reliable and valid, it is important that the questions are made properly so the respondents are clear and the questionnaire is easy to comprehend. Hence in this dissertation, the prevalence of sick building syndrome symptoms would be assessed with both quantitative and qualitative data by self-administered questionnaires and occasionally via interviewsRead MoreSurveys and Experiments2029 Words   |  9 PagesSurvey Method Choosing a survey method requires comparing data needs against the advantages and disadvantages of the methods available in each situation (Cooper Schindler, 2014). Personal interviews, telephone surveys, and self-administered questionnaires all have positives and negatives in the amount, style, and timeliness of information provided. Therefore, in order to obtain the needed data, the advantages and disadvantages of each method should be considered, such as in the examples to followRead MoreThe Chain Of Good Health Life1967 Words   |  8 Pagesassociated survey data collection techniques, such as questionnaire construction and methods for improving the number and accuracy of responses to surveys. There are some advantages with using survey as research method. Firstly, it is relatively easy to administer that it is the simply method which it is finished through questions mainly. Besides, it can be developed less time when comparing other research methods. This is because finishing the questionnaire or interviews does not need a long time. MoreoverRead MorePersonality Is Defined As â€Å"Individual Differences In Characteristic1007 Words   |  5 Pageseffects destructive effects of ww1 and ww2. He hoped that if we had understood human nature closely we could have avoided the destruction brought by the 1st and 2nd world wars. Similarly, it would bring mankind closer to solving global political and economic problems. To understand personality scientifically he established a formal frame work and used statistical techniques, factor analysis. Initially, he started 4500 adjectives that describe human personality which are taken from English dictionaryRead MoreImpact of Remittance Due to Immigration in Nepal1607 Words   |  6 PagesImpact of Remittance due to Immigration in Nepal Background Movement of people to other countries in search of employment is by no means a new phenomenon. Labor mobility has been an important and essential feature of the economic and social development of societies throughout human history. People are moving from one place to another since time immemorial and the continuous movement has been an international phenomenon. Such movement of the people from one place to another can be attributed to theRead MoreJapan: Corporate Governance Research Methodology1343 Words   |  6 PagesIn our study of corporate governance and its impact on the overall economic and business environment, we have considered the example of Japanese Corporate governance and have compared it with other systems. We will study the comparative performances of the companies working in the Japanese system of corporate governance and the organizations working in other systems of corporate governance, primarily that of the United States. We have discussed the concept of corporat e governance as well as management

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Supply Chain Management of Square Pharmaceutical Ltd

THE SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESS OF SQUARE COMPANY of Bangladesh: AN ANALYSIS Mohammad Jamal Uddin * Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among companies. It is said that the ultimate goal of any effective supply chain management system is to reduce inventory and Communication is the transmission of information from one group or individual to another. Business communication is very essential now days to make contacts with people and for trading. Whenever a business wants to make a good business proposal or†¦show more content†¦Increasing numbers of companies are turning to Web sites and Web-based applications as part of the SCM solution. A number of major Web sites offer EProcurement marketplaces where manufacturers can trade and even make auction bids with suppliers. Basic research question of the study is whether Square Company as a whole can manage supply chain properly? Definition Of Communication Or Sharing Information A modern communications system is first concerned with the storing, processing and sometimes storing of information before its transmission. The actual transmission then follows, with further processing and the filtering of noise. (KENNEDY, 1998) Communication must include both the transference and understanding of meaning. (ROBBINS, 2003). Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one individual group to another. (GUFFY, 2000). Communication means encoding the idea or concept and getting the feedback of how the receiver is decoding the idea or concept. Therefore without feedback no communication will happen or exist. (HUSSAIN, 2005) We said communication is â€Å"how we share any information with others†. So, we can define communication as a transfer of meaningful message to the receiver with the hope to receive a feedback. AN Overview OfShow MoreRelatedOverview of SQUARE pharmaceuticals LTD2777 Words   |  12 Pagesï » ¿ Introduction: Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (SPL) has been the trendsetter in Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Market since its inception in 1958. Over the last decade SPL actually rose to a new standard moving beyond manufacturing quality medicines to win mindshare of patients, physicians, shareholders, business partners, and communities where we work and live. Our dedication to addRead MoreThe Supply Chain Department of Square Pharmaceuticals1274 Words   |  6 PagesResource Management (HRM) concept and true functionality have taken their final shape in Bangladesh. The companies in Bangladesh have realized the main role of HRM as vital component in the development mechanism of any organization to achieve its targets and main objectives, and to get competitive advantage (Islam 2006) . Therefore, all HRM responsibilities , contributes are being recognized as crucial as all other organization departments (Islam 2006). This paper focus is going to be the Supply ChainRead MoreFinance3312 Words   |  14 PagesImpact of Inventory management on the profitability of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 1. Introduction: Inventory is one of the factors that can control to improve business profitability. The way source and manage inventory can impact the different profit levels of income statement. Ignorance of how to use inventory advantage prevents you from maximizing operational efficiency. 2.1. Overview of the Company: SQUARE today is a name not only known in the Pharmaceutical world, it is today aRead MoreSquare Pharma Product Marketing5713 Words   |  23 Pages Square Pharmaceutical Limited-Bangladesh Company Profile: |    | SQUARE today symbolizes a name – a state of mind. But its journey to the growth and prosperity has been no bed of roses. From the inception in 1958, it has today burgeoned into one of the top line conglomerates in Bangladesh. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the flagship company, is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh since 1985 and is now on its way to becoming a high performance global playerRead MoreHuman Resource Management at Square Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh1267 Words   |  6 PagesResource Management (HRM) concept and true functionality have taken their final shape in Bangladesh. The companies in Bangladesh have realized the main role of HRM as vital component in the development mechanism of any organization to achieve its targets and main objectives, and to get competitive advantage (Islam 2006) . Therefore, all HRM responsibilities , contributes are being recognized as crucial as all other organization departments (Isl am 2006). This paper focus is going to be the Supply ChainRead MoreBusiness Research Methodology - How to Write Research Purpose, Objectives and Summary1536 Words   |  7 PagesObjectives and Summary Syed Qasim MBA Question No. 1 State research purpose, objectives and summarize each article with reference (i.e. literature review format). Case Study No-1 Human Resource Management Practices: A Case Study of the Supply Chain Department of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Reseach Purpose : The purpose of this study is to ensure that at all times the business is correctly staffed by the right number of people with the skills relevant to the business needs. Objective To analyzeRead MoreBig Bazar vs Spencers4184 Words   |  17 Pagesthe period of my assignment.    Lastly, we thank almighty, our family and friends for their constant encouragement without which this assignment would not be possible.      RAPTORS Introduction Spencers Spencers Retail  is a chain of  retail stores  based in  Kolkata,  West Bengal. Spencers is based on the Food First Format (it mainly offers fresh and packaged food). Many outlets though sport multiple formats for retailing food, apparel, fashion, electronics, lifestyle productsRead MoreAn Evaluation Strategy For The Business Problem1471 Words   |  6 Pageseconomies of scale square measure realizable with higher production volumes which is additionally known as low worth strategy. Lower costs owing to the massive variety of competitive corporations are seen everywhere. Suppliers face elastic demand curves and any rise in worth can cause a fall in demand and in total revenue. The cross-price physical property of demand for one product with reference to a amendment within the worth of another are high suggesting that buyers square measure ready to changeRead MoreForecasting in Fmcg Industry3664 Words   |  15 Pages1. INTRODUCTION TO THE TERM PAPER 1.2 BACKGROUND Forecasting relates to the management functions of planning, organizing and controlling. It is one of the key elements of operations management. Companies serve their customers and the society at large by producing various goods and services. The market need is continuously changing. In order to cope up with the changing demand companies must develop a good forecasting technique to determine the demand level For this term paper, five different productsRead MoreInternational Business Environments Operations by Daniels Summary of Chapter 22262 Words   |  10 PagesResource Management Practices in KSRM Steel Plant Limited. Md. Sazzad Bin Rashid Roll no: 296, 11th batch(9th) 2nd Semister, EMBA for Engineers,USTC. Abstract Human resource management practices are now considered as one of the key contributing factors to the success of an organization. The organizations are putting increased emphasis on the policies and practices of HRM to gain competitive advantage. Throughout the whole case study several HRM practices related to the supply chain department

Belonging and Community Free Essays

What is my current understanding of belonging and community? Well id have to say belonging is a big thing to teens and most people believe you have to dress a certain way or do something to fit into there apparent â€Å"community† but I definitely dont care what others think. Community to me is my friends family and people who mean alot to me. However that isnt the correct meaning, community is a bunch of people living in a certain area. We will write a custom essay sample on Belonging and Community or any similar topic only for you Order Now I like to think my idea of a community is how it should be. How did I come to this understanding of my thinking? Well I dont fully know, its mainly values and thoughts that ive collected and made in my mind while growing older. Many things probably come from my dad hes a great man with alot of good values and he helped shaped who I am today. My mother also taught me alot of good values and also helped shaped who I am. I definitely can’t give all the credit to them I have to give some of it to my friends to they have great ways of thinking and are very great people. Thats not all though alot of these ways of thinking come from me and thoughts I think in my head of how the world should be. What are views of others regarding belonging and community? Many of my peers think belonging means trying to be like someone else and fitting into something they like to think is a community. Why is community important in our society? Well without community what do we actually have? A whole lotta nothing really, without community how would we have friends like we have today? Id say without community were very isolated and us ourselves wouldnt be the people we are today. Do you feel we need to have communites? No, We dont absolutely need communities we can just be zombies wandering in no general life direction. Seriously I think we need communitys cause our friends, family and such they are there when you need them. What happens if you have non of that and are in a bad situation? Well you arent able to stay emotionally stable and lose any sort of ambition or heart you have. You crash and fall and have no one to pick you back up again least thats how I feel. If we didnt belong to a community what would we be missing out on? Id have to say we would be missing out on many different things. We would be missing out on our chances to socialize and not be so isolated. We would be missing out on learning certain morals and life choices. We would miss out on having many different friends who help us go through all the crap teenagers have to go through. I also think without communities alot of people wouldnt have much ambition to try hard I know I wouldnt at least. What kinds of communities do I belong to? I belong to quite a few communities if you go by the definition of others. Communities such as school, area district, working community. Thats not community to me though community to me would be my friends and family. I gotta say my group of friends is one of the most important types of community to me cause we have eachothers backs through thick and thin. Even more important family cause seriously without family where would you be right now? Not here thats for sure. How to cite Belonging and Community, Essay examples

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What is an American free essay sample

To say simply that an American is whoever is born here or who has taken an oath of citizenship is like saying that the Bible or a contract is just ink markings on paper. It is true that a Bible is ink markings on paper, but it is not just that. And if America is just the sum total of those people we call citizens, then we have deconstructed or dumbed-down our ideals. The American Dream for most people includes nice things (new car, phone, TV, etc.) the problem with this dream is that it’s always just a little out of reach. Although there are dreams that come true but, to me I think no one may experience their American Dream. To me there is no exact way to define an American. In my opinion an American is someone who believes in hard work, equality and will reach for opportunities even when you dont know there is one. We will write a custom essay sample on What is an American? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Although the American spirit can not be captured with only three topics, it will have to do. Although hard work is, wellhard it may be essential to achieving your â€Å"dream†. Hard work must be the key to success. No one has a successful life by their definition without doing a little hard work. â€Å"Immigrants have no assurance of success in a new land with different habits, institutions and language.† But they, like all Americans, understand that the timid achieve nothing and forgo even that which sustains us through the worst times: hope. Immigrants founded this country in the late 1400s. They had no idea what was ahead of them and yet they saw what it could be and went for it. Immigrants are America, they come to this country for a better life and will work till they break bones to get it. Immigrants are the essence of hard work. Without equality the minorities would have a rougher time than they do now. Equality is about creating a â€Å"fair† society where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfill their own potential. â€Å"We hold the truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.† This is a direct quote from the engrossed copy of the Declaration of Independence. With equality in the field of play everyone will have an equal opportunity at the same job as long as they both meet the required skills for the job. This may not be true all the time however but you still are born with the right to be equally treated as the next person. However, that does not mean people will treat you the same as the next person. It’s up to you to decide how you are treated affects you. Taking opportunities is an important thing for most of our lives. Without opportunities we would have to rely on only ourselves and not each other. When someone earns an opportunity it may lead to experiences you’ve never had and that will forever change you. â€Å"An American is anyone who loves life enough to want the best it has to offer. â€Å"Americans are not automatically satisfied with their current situation.†What the author (Huggins) is saying here is that as an american you should never be truly satisfied with your current situation. Americans take opportunities when they are given them for an abundance of reasons. For one they may be in need of a helping hand or . Regardless of the reasons opportunities present a benefit in life that we may all need some day. Although some Americans may never have worked as hard as they can for their success, the fact that they even try to do better than what they have, that is how you make your American dream. Its the idea of you taking the hand you were dealt and squeezing everything you can out of it. Being an American comes with certain â€Å"responsibilities† that require certain people to work much harder than others. Your job as an American is to take your â€Å"responsibilities† and achieve your goals in life.